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The Powerful Lessons I've Learned ~ Online Dating After Divorce is a nonfiction story of one woman's online dating experience after a sudden divorce. The book is filled with humour, tips and real life stories that will have you laughing for days. You will not believe that the book you are reading actually consists of real experiences.


    The author, Micca Vanvield,  uses a very modern approach to discussing very serious matters-those of the heart. Through her trials and tribulations of looking for companionship after her divorce, being involved in a Romance Scam and learning about "Catfish" Micca shares her observations. She discusses with women and men alike that finding a match or a soulmate has everything to do with learning what we want in a mate as well as molding ourselves into the type of mate we would like to be. As humorous as this book is, Vanvield brings spiritual elements of reflection and patience to the reader's’ attention.


    This book is a must read for anyone of dating age; whether you have been through a divorce or not. It will have you laughing and thinking deeply and seriously about the choices you make on your journey to find "the one".